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Are there any girls here who have been pushed to do this? I've sucked off a few of them myself when I'm extra horny. For several weeks leading up to my trip, we traded pics and emails.

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It continues to ring until the machine picks up and I hear Sue saying, Jon, pick up the phone! I look over and see the same hard cock thats getting sucked in the vid and think that I might be willing to take him in my mouth. I look up again to see both Sue and the stranger working on Jons cock. Pretty "gay" so far I guess, but I promise it gets better!

He hangs up and comes back over and says, She wont be back for several hours. More later Question for you: what would you do in my situation?

We are in Massachusetts and seeking any and all women who would like to join us.

We are looking for women who would love to play with both of us at the same time and even individually while the other is watching.

She was kind of teasing but also half serious about it.