Sony prs t1 updating

Dieses bringt laut Sony Verbesserungen in der Stabilität und Leistung.Wie bestehende Nutzer sicherlich bestätigen können, sind dies zwei Punkte in denen es dringenden Handlungsbedarf gab.

sony prs t1 updating-28

The firmware updates should be available to install via WIFI and are only applicable to users living in North America.

If the updates are not pushed out to you yet, you can simply download them from the links below.

I went ahead and installed the update on my PRS-T2 because I was unsure if it would actually link the library on the device with my Kobo library or if it would just add a link to buy ebooks from Kobo. Plus there’s no way to access the Kobo store at this point.

There’s just a screen that basically says the Kobo ebook store is coming soon, and that you should use a computer, tablet, or phone to shop at

When customers install the new update they have no ability to purchase e Books anymore.