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This is a perfect opportunity to see how a teacher handles the bumps and imperfections of using technology with students, and take away new classroom management skills for your own integration.

This badge is worth 3 credits because it will include a “pre-visit” meeting to go over what you will be seeing, the classroom visit itself, and a “post-visit” meeting to reflect and ask follow-up questions. Watch a 5 minute video of your colleagues sharing something they have done in a rapid, quick-fire fashion. Can we push any of these to be “above the line” of SAMR?

: Each participant will get to choose 1 “campfire” discussions to attend for 15 minutes.

Then we will have time at the end to report out about our conversations. Each “campfire” will have a broad topic up for discussion.

This appy hour is a time to sit by yourself, collaborate with your team, or with an “expert” on a particular strategy.