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The 1959 Knox Mine Disaster, resulting in the flooding of numerous mines, marked the end of King Coal's heyday.Industrial restructuring also caused the city to lose jobs and go into a decades-long decline.

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In addition, the demolished Old Fell House on Northampton St is believed to be the first place in the entire world where anthracite was burned for heat.

On October 12, 1926, Babe Ruth visited Wilkes-Barre's Artillery Park to play in an exhibition game between Hughestown and Larksville.

Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding Wyoming Valley are framed by the Pocono Mountains to the east, the Endless Mountains to the west, and the Lehigh Valley to the south.

The Susquehanna River flows through the center of the valley and defines the northwestern border of the city.

After the American Revolution, the conflict was resolved between the states, and Connecticut gave up its claim.