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So, on the first night of Taste Camp 2013 in Quebec, we went to a beer tasting in Montreal. I want to say that I am not a beer expert, and that my observations are not worth as much as a professional beer writer or amateur enthusiast.

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Terms: Matches: At the end of each event, you’ll be prompted to submit the names of those dates which you’d like to see again at your discretion, referred to as your Requests.

If your Requests also requested you, that is a Match.

150 professionnels des TI et 36 fournisseurs-exposants sont attendus à l’occasion de la 3e édition du Speed Da TIng 2.0 UNE EXCELLENTE OCCASION DE FAIRE UNE VIGIE TECHNOLOGIQUE!

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    Source: Shutter Stock Again, focus on his body language when he's with you. Does he do nervous habits, like cracking his fingers or scratching his neck or something? Source: Shutter Stock Dudes are always giving each other crap for something or other, especially if they know their friend likes a girl. Do they walk away when you get there to give you two alone time?

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    This is one of those times where it is better to show, not tell; if you’re a geek looking for a geek, you don’t want to just state “Yup, I’m a nerd.” Drop some very specific keywords, whether it’s watching Game of Thrones or having a Green Lantern ring.