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To reduce theft of this popular school-owned graphing calculator, Texas Instruments introduced late in 2004 the EZ-Spot Teacher Packs with a bright, easy-to-spot, "school bus yellow" back cover and slide case.

In addition, each unit's faceplate is inscribed with the words, "SCHOOL PROPERTY." It was available both for the TI-84 Plus EZ-Spot and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition EZ-Spot.

With this USB connectivity, teachers can increase classroom interaction and sharing of work by attaching students' handhelds to TI's View Screen and TI Presenter using an available adaptor.

Both products have been updated with a sleek look and feel, incorporating rounded edges and keys while maintaining the same key strokes as its predecessor, the TI-83 Plus family.

port for computer connectivity, an internal clock, and an available kickstand.

The clock speed of the Z-80 compatible microprocessor raised to 15 MHz compared to the 6 MHz of the elder TI-83 products.

Ideal for use in Algebra 1 and 2, trigonometry, business/finance, biology and physics, the TI-84 Plus has three times the storage capacity of the TI-83 Plus with 30 available App slots.

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