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This practice closes out all open-source development, but ensures the highest level of quality possibile when developing Nvidia device drivers.

Nvidia continues the development of drivers for pre-existing hardware in an effort to achieve a greater level of performance and efficiency.

A driver update isn't always a fix-it task, either.

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Furthermore, many users who are attempting to update the Nvidia device driver due to device or driver errors, often are faced with further issues due to complications with the device driver installation.

Nvidia device failures and errors often originate from driver issues.

Driver Doctor is your best helper to download NVIDIA drivers.

Below is Nvidia device types, you can find the drivers you want to download and update.

As this is my 1st time installing an graphic update manually, (i personally kinda get nervous when doing such things as i may mess up) some said you have to uninstall the pervious version in order to update, is that true...