What is courtship dating

The Duggars say that their daughters are committed to always having a chaperone with them, whether it’s Jim Bob and Michelle, or any of their siblings.

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Says Michelle: “The girls have always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad.

That’s a good thing – that is such good protection for them.” Jim Bob says he fields letters, calls and emails each week from guys who are interested in his daughters.

There are a lot of things you can learn from not pairing off alone.” Rule 3: Brothers know best.

All of the Duggar boys have been chaperones to Ben and Jessa, even the younger ones who will go along with them to a coffee shop or out to dinner. Since Ben lives about four hours away from the Duggars, he asked if he could text Jessa.

They will also wait until they are engaged before they hold hands.