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The predatory Tomas taunts Nina that while dancing the virtuous White Swan is within her comfort zone, she lacks the passion and sexual self-knowledge to portray the sensual Black Swan too: 'You never lose yourself,’ he jeers.

It always sounded like she had clearly thought out the idea and maybe said it a number of times. Sarsgaard plays Bobby Kennedy, the president's brother and attorney general who was himself murdered during his run for president in 1968.

The off-the-cuff [interview] thing, that's a little bit more in the Billy Crudup scenes [of the film,] is a part of her that I'd never seen.

But in truth Portman – worldly, articulate, politically committed and formidably brainy – was already living the life of an independent woman, having left New York, where her family and most of her friends reside, for Los Angeles, where she has her own film production company.

'LA has been liberating for me in lots of ways,’ she tells me.

The dalliance cost Darren his longtime relationship with Rachel Weisz.