Free sex chat no login just chat - Who is bella ferraro dating - Well that marks the half-way point of tonight's show.I am running out of battery and ' from Coyote Ugly but he's not.

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Nat, true to her nature as mentor, disagrees: "I love you. Ronan thinks it's "a proper tune, I love this song." Ugh. Apparently there's a lot at stake for one of the members, Zac(k/h), who's opening a song for the first time having never stepped out from the shadows of the background before. Does anyone else just think this song is super lame?

Like even lamer than using words like 'super lame'?

Ronan thinks his vocal performance was off and "a bit screechy". First things first: Ha ha ha Samantha Jade just did this hand-on-hip thrust, booty-pop and drop-it-low move that I would do if I didn't know any better/was totally boozed.

Nat agrees, so does Guy, who thinks the song felt a little "pedestrian." Nothing wrong with that Guy, AMIRITE!? She's singing Rihanna's which is an equally as popular song worldwide, and thankfully it's one that I am familiar with. There is some very complicated choreography happening right now involving human staircases and her backup dancers are using some feathered fans to distract from the fact that while Rihanna makes infectiously good rhythmic pop music, it doesn't actually translate very well to live performances/singing without an auto tune device handy.

) Bella Ferraro takes to the stage to perform La Roux's hearts with legs distracted from whatever Dance 101 moves she managed to execute (some turning on the spot, some basic vogueing). but I applaud you for giving it a go and I enjoyed it." Mel B "didn't really like it and found it a bit too cheesy." She thinks the song kinda flatlined and didn't suit Bella's voice, which is true - La Roux's songs are very one note though. Bella plays the "you guys are by, um, uh, One Republic.

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