Woman spanking chatbot

Just ask Apple, which recently exceeded analysts' expectations only to see its stock hammered.

ARM CEO Simon Segars, in a canned statement announcing the numbers, pointed out a couple of milestones his company achieved during the year.

felt like the scenes so far have been kind of lacking any real "game" but they seem like good sports. In the snow video, the voice of "John" sounds suspiciously like Alan putting on a voice later with his microphone -- the distance of the voice never changes the entire video, and you don't ever see John's face or see him move. It was way too long before I realized they'd started a scene.

Never thought that I would have consumed so much improv that I could spot when something's amiss but here I am. Having spent way too much time messing with chatbots, I will also say I believe the chatbot video was legit.

Compared to 2012, revenues were up 15 per cent from £164.2m to £189.1m, pre-tax profit increased 19 per cent from £80.0m to £95.5m, and earnings per share rose from 4.1 pence to 5.3 – a more-than-healthy 30 per cent uptick.

In fact, as the company notes, "ARM's full year 2013 processor royalty revenue grew faster than the overall semiconductor industry by 18 percentage points." There's just no pleasing some folks, y'know?

UK chip designer ARM Holdings PLC announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2013 on Tuesday, and despite solid revenue growth and a positive guidance, the company behind the chips that power the vast majority of the world's smartphones and tablets was spanked by The City's moneymen.