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Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2This. While I love quality time, I greatly value communication and openness in a relationship.

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My question to you is why do you feel the rush to place a definition on a relationship or have the desire to restrict yourself or others? For me, the woman I have ever wound up in a steady relationship almost assumed exclusivity. I know a guy that women go crazy over, and they usually want to claim him early.

But usually, after sex, say a couple weeks of intimacy, there has always been the talk. I think when someone who isnt used to FB's or FWB will want the talk ASAP post intimacy, but they may be nervous. IME, the more self confidence a woman has, the sooner she will bring it up.

But have no fear, ever-cool collegiettes™, there are ways to assert your relationship wants without sounding like date night and people were clear about what they wanted from a dinner out.