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In this hostile scenario, you will follow the story of a boy trying to survive. Two years later, nothing is exactly the way Rosie planned it—she's riding a new pony, Scamper, and learning that life isn't always easy.

In the face of shrinking budgets and wartime mission demands, the United States Air Force (USAF) C-17 pilot force endured cutbacks to aircraft training and proficiency over the last fourteen years not unlike those the Luftwaffe endured as World War II progressed. Os seus poucos sobreviventes são obrigados a enfrentar a natureza que está ocupando, cada vez mais, o lugar deixado pela sociedade. But it's as Rosie reaches out to the new girl next door that she truly begins to see that God works all things together for good in our lives.

Unfortunately, it is because of this phenomenon that the female fan is sometimes regarded with suspicion — especially if she admits that she does, in fact, happen to find some of the male cast pleasing to the eye.

However, finding certain members of the cast to be attractive does not necessarily preclude a fan from liking other aspects of a particular work — and, thus, should not automatically invalidate her as being a "true fan".

An Estrogen Brigade is easily attracted by hints of Ho Yay, since many members of such brigades seem to agree that Guy-on-Guy Is Hot. Its Spear Counterpart is the Testosterone Brigade, while debatable, may be even more frequent.